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The Fused Glass Projects Magazine will provide information and articles aimed specifically towards the glass fusing community.

Are you looking for a magazine that is devoted only to fused glass projects?

If you have been searching the internet for a magazine dedicated to fused glass, I am sure you haven't found anything that meets your needs.

In the past you could not find a publication for glass fusing on the internet, craft stores, or even at your local glass supply retailer, but all that has changed with this exciting new publication.

These unique editions won't contain articles about mosaics, lamp work or any other type of glass art, like all of the other glass craft magazines on the market.

You have been searching for it and it is finally here! Order your copy today!

Exclusively Glass Fusing Projects

Finally, there is a magazine that is filled with designs, strategies and tasks for fused glass artists of every level of experience.

Articles will be a mixture of beginner to advanced endeavors to cover the wide range of interest and will be written by individuals with years of glass fusing experience.

  • Fused Glass Projects with demonstration illustrations
  • Beginner to Advanced projects. Something for everyone!
  • Downloadable Quarterly Editions
  • Previous Editions - Archives

Solely Filled with Glass Fusing Designs and Processes

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There will be plenty of stimulating and exciting topics.

These will not only assist you in learning glass fusing but in venturing out to try new tasks.

Exciting Articles

This site will provide vital information essential to glass fusing, kiln work and warm glass ventures.

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These magazines will be quarterly editions that will be available on this website forever.

Each magazine will be downloadable so that there is no waiting for a magazine to come in the mail.

Print out the magazines if desired, upload it to your tablet, or simply read them from your computer.

Production has begun with the Fall 2012 edition and new exciting magazines will be issued quarterly.

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